Words wither,

moments evade, time decays, breaths fail. And still we are. Remembering ever so often our Humanity.

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  Dreams before me, sorrows beside me. Silence surrounds my every breath, my every sound. The sun I left behind, to follows the stars, despite the encroaching clouds barely illuminating my decaying path filled with melting leaves, rugged roads and nonchalant nature stirrings. That light calls to me each time I loose my way and... Continue Reading →

Strategies to Strengthen the Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose is a key element in almost every graduate application process. It is sometimes referred to as the Application Essay, Objectives for Graduate Study and Personal Background/Statement. This essay allows the applicant to weave in his/her personality into the application process. Graduate school is very much a matching process. The act of... Continue Reading →

Threads that unite

With the advent uniqueness as a brand, A movement that allows us to reach out to our own spotlight, It is easy to focus on what makes us different, what makes us special while forgetting the essentials of our common humanity. The same Life chanels Same breaths Common brokeness United heartbeats Frailty End of life... Continue Reading →

While I wait for the light in the steel darkness of the early morning my cold body wanders into its crispness steadily gaining some warmth as it looses itself further into the cover of black unhurriedly morphing into orange hoping that with each muscle burn it is drawn closer to the promise of blue.

GRE Unboxed – Standardized Testing for graduate school in America

If you are applying to graduate school or even considering some of the graduate programs in the United States, then you might have or will soon come across standardized testing. In America, the vast majority of professional and graduate programs require applicants to take some type standardized test. These testsĀ scores may be used by admissions committees to supplement your other qualifications for graduate-level study.

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